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Prenatal Power: Adding Seafood to Pregnancy Diets

Hey there, future moms of Canada! While you're getting ready to take care of your bundle of joy, don’t forget to take care of yourself, including eating foods that are good for you and your baby. Good news: From Atlantic lobsters to Pacific salmon, Canadian waters and farms are teeming with nutritious treasures for expecting mothers like you. Uncover why Canadian seafood should be part of your prenatal diet!

Omega-3s for Brain Development

Give your little one a “head start” with omega-3 fatty acids; they’re crucial for neurological and visual development. DHA, a particular omega-3, plays a vital role in forming your baby's brain and eyes. You’ll find it in salmon, tuna, mussels, cod, and more. For total convenience (we know you’re busy!), reach for canned seafood to give your baby a brain boost.

Get the Protein You and Your Baby Need

Your growing baby needs lots of protein, and so do you! Canadian seafood is a simple source of lean, high-quality protein that’s easy on the calories. It’s excellent for fetal development and helps your baby reach a healthy birth weight. So, say "yes" to the indulgent taste of shrimp, scallops, crab, salmon, and more. You deserve it!

Mood-Boosting Benefits of Seafood

Pregnancy can be an emotional roller coaster, but seafood has your back. The nutrients in fish, like vitamin D and omega-3s, are natural mood boosters. They play a significant role in mental wellness, helping alleviate pregnancy-induced stress and depression. Plus, when didn’t delicious food make you happy?

Mercury and Pregnancy

Health Canada recommends pregnant women eat up to 150 grams of cooked fish a week but advises avoiding high-mercury fish. More good news! Almost all Canadian seafood is low in mercury, including top choices like salmon, rainbow trout, clams, shrimp, and many more. That means you can indulge in your favourites and discover new ones.

So there you have it—Canadian seafood is the catch of the day for expectant mothers! Reel in the benefits of eating seafood during pregnancy and hopefully start a life-long tradition of enjoying seafood with your family.

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