How to Find Canadian Seafood


Demystifying Canadian Seafood

Canadian Seafood is celebrated around the world for its quality and sustainability. To help consumers identify genuine Canadian products, we’ve introduced the Choose Canadian Seafood sticker program at a variety of grocery retailers. Learn more about the program and the facts behind industry standard labels below.

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How to Find Choose Canadian Seafood in Stores

As part of a landmark initiative, our esteemed partners at over 300 Sobeys and Safeway locations nationwide now feature the "Choose Canadian Seafood" emblem on our nation's treasured seafood produce. As of October 2023, you'll also find recipe booklets to take home (while supplies last) at over 130 Metro locations across Ontario. It’s never been easier for seafood lovers and anyone who wants to discover Canadian seafood to make confident choices.

These growing collaborations are about more than a label; it's a promise that you're choosing some of the best seafood and supporting the incredible people in our fisheries and aquaculture industries. Together with our grocery allies, we're bringing the pride of Canadian Seafood to your table. Celebrate the true taste of Canada with us — look for the Choose Canadian Seafood label at your local grocery store or ask for it by name.

Choose Canadian Seafood Program Partners

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Understanding Canadian Seafood Labels

Navigating food labels is critical to making informed choices for your health and the environment. Dive into clarity with our guide on Canadian seafood labelling.

Country of Origin

On prepackaged seafood, this label denotes where the final processing and packaging took place, not the seafood's initial source. While the product may be Canadian, this label doesn't guarantee it.

Made in Canada

This indicates the product's last significant transformation occurred in Canada, though the fish or shellfish might be international. Purchasing these products supports Canadian fisheries-related businesses.

Product of Canada

Seeing this label assures you that the main ingredients, packaging, processing, and labour behind the product are predominantly Canadian. Choose these products for genuine Canadian quality!


Know Your Canadian Fish & Seafood Species

A good start for Choosing Canadian Seafood is knowing what species are caught and farmed in our waters. Browse our Canadian Seafood Guide for a who’s who of fish and shellfish in Canada.

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