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With Canadian Seafood


Three Great Reasons to Choose Canadian Seafood

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Health & Nutrition

Packed with protein, Canadian Seafood is excellent for everyone, including growing kids and expecting moms. Enjoy low saturated fat, an array of vitamins, and a rich dose of omega-3s. Dive into nutrition from the deep blue!

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Quick to cook and versatile, Canadian Seafood complements your favourite dishes. Save time, enjoy nutritious meals, and savour more moments with your loved ones. Catch the wave of convenience and taste!

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Support Canadian

Choosing Canadian Seafood boosts an industry spanning from small towns to major cities that supports over 90,000 workers and contributes $9 billion annually to our economy. Feel good about adding more seafood to your plate!

How to Find

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Finding Canadian Seafood Near You

Canadian fishers work hard to harvest the best seafood — but you shouldn't have to! Here are tips for finding genuine Canadian Seafood at the grocery store.


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Get the the Facts about Canadian Seafood

We answer your top questions about Canadian Seafood the only way we know how — openly and honestly.


Know Your Canadian Fish and Seafood Species

There are plenty of fish (and shellfish!) in the sea—and in our farms! Get to know the bounty of Canada's three ocean fisheries and our pelagic and on-land farms.

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