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Canadian Seafood Dishes for the Holidays

The holiday season in Canada is a time for gatherings, delicious feasts, and traditions. But why not shake things up this year with a few twists? Read on to see how Canadian Seafood can elevate your holiday occasions with taste and ease. We have links to all the recipes listed at the end!

Start With Seafood Appetizers

Set the tone for your holiday feast with a wave of incredible starters and hors d’oeuvres. Create a visual impact with a crowd-pleasing “sea-cuterie” board featuring smoked salmon, lox, mussels, and an array of crackers, toasts, and vegetables. It’s easy to build a beautiful board with your favourite ingredients. For something warmer, you can’t miss with a tantalizing Hot Crab Dip. This creamy, cheesy concoction of Canadian crab meat, cream cheese, and savoury spices may need a posted “catch limit” to prevent double dipping; it’s that good! It's easy to prepare, too, making it perfect for entertaining.

For a touch of class on the half-shell, Oysters Rockefeller is a timeless classic that overflows with sophistication. Canadian oysters from the Atlantic and the Pacific are renowned for their freshness and flavour. It’s a decadent (and fun!) addition to your holiday menu.

Make a Splash with a (Bounding) Main Course

Try a seafood makeover of a legend—instead of beef, try Trout Wellington for a memorable main course. Tender trout fillets are encased in puff pastry with luscious mushroom duxelles. It's a stunning centrepiece that will have your guests singing your praises—and possibly carols.

A Toast to the Season

We don’t really do dessert, but we’re there for an after-dinner drink! Thanks to the clamato base, a Bloody Caesar is the perfect place to stash a seared and skewered scallop. Go big or go for a shot—either way, it’s a sip-sational way to add more seafood to the celebration.

These seafood dishes and more add a dash of elegance to your holiday table and provide a unique and memorable culinary experience. Best of all, they're surprisingly easy to prepare, giving you more time to enjoy the festivities. Happy Holidays from Choose Canadian Seafood!

Recipe links:

The “Big Splash Seacuterie” Charcuterie Board

Hot Crab Dip

Oysters Rockefeller

Trout Wellington

“Seasar” Caesar Shots with Seared Scallops

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