5 Reasons Canadian Seafood is the Smart, Sustainable Choice

Blessed with bountiful coastlines and open waters, state-of-the-art aquaculture facilities, and dedicated producers, Canada offers more than just a variety of seafood. (But, WOW, do we have variety!) When you add Canadian Seafood to your meal plans, you’re doing great things for your body, the planet, and hard-working Canadians.

A Global Leader in Sustainability

Spearheading the sustainable seafood movement, Canada’s fisheries boast the world’s second-highest Marine Stewardship Council certifications, so you know your seafood is a product of healthy marine ecosystems.

Strengthening Communities Coast to Coast to Coast

Supporting over 90,000 jobs in various communities, Canada’s fisheries add $9 billion annually to our economy. Purchasing Canadian seafood isn’t just a personal taste preference; it’s a direct investment in thousands of Canadian lives. Now there’s some food for thought!

Nourishing Our Bodies, Preserving Our Planet

Rich in omega-3s, protein, vitamins, and minerals, seafood also has a minimal carbon fin-print compared to land-based proteins and international seafood choices. Eating seafood regularly isn’t just healthy eating; it’s eco-friendly living.

Balancing Conservation and Consumption

Conservation is about balancing enjoyment today with availability tomorrow. Through science-backed decisions, we’re committed to protecting marine biodiversity while sustaining our seafood bounty. You can have your fish and eat it, too!

Advocacy and Action

Organizations like the Fisheries Council of Canada and the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance are working hard for healthy oceans AND robust seafood sectors. Their support, and that of other dedicated groups, helps ensure a thriving, sustainable future for Canadian Seafood.

So now you know: Canadian Seafood is more than a treat for the palate and a boon for your body; it's a choice that reflects and supports Canada's commitment to sustainable living, building communities, and marine conservation. Dive into Canadian Seafood and be part of this remarkable journey.

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