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Whether it's the vast lakes of Ontario or the cold streams of British Columbia, trout thrive in Canada, becoming an integral part of our national seafood identity. You might hear trout referred to by various names, like "rainbow" or "brook," each signifying a unique species with its own characteristics. Farmed trout is also a significant aquaculture sector in Canada, both on-land and open waters.

Taste-wise, trout offers a versatile palette experience. Its flesh can range from pale pink to a rich, reddish-orange, with a delicately nutty and mildly sweet flavour profile. Whether grilled, pan-seared, or smoked, trout's tender meat can be the centrepiece of many a delicious meal. Serving a whole trout makes an impact on any dinner table.

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Health Benefits of Trout

  • Bone Health & Growth: Trout is an excellent source of vitamin D and a good source of phosphorus, which play a crucial role in building and maintaining strong bones and teeth and supporting normal growth.

  • Heart & Brain Health: As a source of omega-3 fatty acids, eating trout may promote the physical development of the brain, eyes, and nerves, and due to its low sodium and saturated fat content, it aids in reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

  • Lean & Heart-Friendly: Trout is a lean protein source, and its low sodium and saturated fat content helps lower risks associated with high blood pressure and heart diseases.


Other Species

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Our East and West Coast oysters have won international acclaim for their exquisite taste and unique “meroir.” Whether you’re feeling decadent or just want to slurp some back, these briny beauties never disappoint.

  • Helps build strong bones and tissue

  • Aids immune function

  • Source of dopamine, the “feel-good” hormone

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The “Big Splash Seacuterie” Charcuterie Board

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Albacore Tuna

From the chilly Pacific waters of British Columbia, this versatile and nutritious species is as delicious in a tuna salad as it is served hot off the grill.

  • A source of omega-3s

  • Helps maintain bones and teeth

  • Excellent source of Vitamin B12

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Tuna, Beet, and Squash Tartare on Crispy Wontons

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One of the easiest seafood species to prepare and one of the most satisfying. A few minutes in a pan or on a grill is all they need to add the perfect flavour boost to pasta, soups, and so much more.

  • Great source of protein and phosphorus

  • Helps nerves and immune system function

  • Aids in skin maintenance

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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Seared Scallops

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