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Few fish represent our maritime heritage better than the halibut. Wild-caught and farmed throughout the waters of the Maritime provinces, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, this flatfish is not just a staple but a testament to our nation's rich fishing traditions.

With its distinct diamond shape and grey-green hues, halibut is unique in appearance—and taste. Its meat is lean, mildly sweet, and beautifully flaky, making it a favourite choice for many dishes. In fact, many Canadians would argue that a plate of crispy fish and chips reaches perfection only when it's made with halibut.

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Health Benefits of Halibut

  • Bone and Teeth Health: Halibut is a good source of vitamin D and phosphorus, both essential for the formation and maintenance of strong bones and teeth while also enhancing calcium and phosphorus absorption.
  • Energy and Growth: As an excellent source of niacin, vitamins B6 and B12, halibut may support energy metabolism, tissue formation, and normal growth and development.
  • Antioxidant Protection: Halibut is an excellent source of selenium, a dietary antioxidant that defends against oxidative stress.

Other Species

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Atlantic Cod

The cold, deep waters of the North Atlantic are the perfect habitat for cod, which is why ours are the best there are. The mild taste and large flakes make it a crowd-pleaser, no matter how it’s served.

  • Helps build strong bones and teeth

  • Low in sodium and saturated fat

  • Contains antioxidants

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It’s hard not to think of salmon when you think of Canadian Seafood. From sushi to cedar planks to smoked on a bagel, it’s a genuine Canadian treasure from the deep.

  • Excellent source of vitamin D

  • An important factor in energy metabolism and tissue formation

  • Aids in normal growth and development

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Simple Cedar Plank Salmon

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Choose Canadian Seafood White Icon Queen Crab


Several species of crab are caught in Canadian waters, all of which are healthy and delicious. Succulent crab meat is exceptional in dips, soups, and more.

  • Contains antioxidants

  • May aid brain development

  • Source of omega-3s

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