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Also known as: Snow Crab, Queen Crab, Dungeness Crab

Canada boasts two major species of commercially harvested crabs. Snow crabs, sometimes known as queen crabs, can be found deep in the North Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans, boasting delicate, sweet meat and long, spindly legs that can stretch impressively wide. Then there's the Pacific coast's Dungeness crab, a favourite among many, recognized for its rich, buttery taste and broad, smooth shell.

Canadian crab is versatile and can elevate any dish it graces. Its delicate, sweet meat can be the star of the show in rich, creamy crab bisques or sumptuously filled crab cakes. For a simpler pleasure, steam crab and serve it with a hint of lemon and garlic butter, letting the natural flavours shine through. For a comforting touch, consider a hearty crab pasta or a refreshing crab salad, perfect for warm summer days or chilly winter evenings.

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Health Benefits of Crab

  • Antioxidant Boost: The excellent source of selenium in crab acts as an antioxidant, helping to protect against chronic diseases. Additionally, the good source of riboflavin in crab may enhance the body's antioxidant production.
  • Pregnancy & Development: Crab is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, essential for a healthy pregnancy and the proper development of the brain, retina, and nerves, especially in children under two.
  • Metabolic Maintenance: Crab is an excellent source of vitamin B12, and copper, which have been linked to improved maintenance of normal connective tissue, red blood cell formation and energy metabolism.

Other Species

Species Icons White Sablefish


Truly a gourmet fish, the flaky flesh has a buttery taste and a silky texture that will coat your mouth with incredible flavour.

  • Source of vitamin A

  • Assists muscle function

  • Excellent source of niacin

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It’s hard not to think of salmon when you think of Canadian Seafood. From sushi to cedar planks to smoked on a bagel, it’s a genuine Canadian treasure from the deep.

  • Excellent source of vitamin D

  • An important factor in energy metabolism and tissue formation

  • Aids in normal growth and development

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Pacific Hake

Found anywhere from the surface to the ocean floor 300 m below, this mild, slightly sweet fish can be used in almost any fish recipe.

  • Source of potassium

  • Low in sodium

  • Excellent source of antioxidants

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