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These delicate, fan-shaped bivalves are harvested in the wild and on dedicated farms throughout the Maritime provinces, Newfoundland, Quebec and British Columbia. Scallops are a delectable and long-cherished piece of Canada's diverse seafood tapestry.

With a sweet, creamy taste and a tender, buttery texture, Canadian scallops are a culinary delight. Whether seared to a golden perfection or served in a rich chowder, scallops have an undeniable appeal, and they are easy to add to pasta, soup, and even cocktails.

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Health Benefits of Scallops

  • Fetal Development & Blood Health: Scallops are a source of folate and vitamin B12, which are essential for red blood cell formation and the normal early development of the fetal brain and spinal cord.
  • Energy & Bone Maintenance: As a source of B vitamins, phosphorous, and magnesium, scallops may support energy metabolism, tissue formation, and the maintenance of strong bones and teeth.
  • Immune Support & Antioxidant Protection: As a source of zinc and selenium, scallops may help maintain normal skin, bolster the immune system, and offer potent antioxidant properties to defend against oxidative stress.

Other Species

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Albacore Tuna

From the chilly Pacific waters of British Columbia, this versatile and nutritious species is as delicious in a tuna salad as it is served hot off the grill.

  • A source of omega-3s

  • Helps maintain bones and teeth

  • Excellent source of Vitamin B12

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It’s hard not to think of salmon when you think of Canadian Seafood. From sushi to cedar planks to smoked on a bagel, it’s a genuine Canadian treasure from the deep.

  • Excellent source of vitamin D

  • An important factor in energy metabolism and tissue formation

  • Aids in normal growth and development

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Species Icons White Halibut


With both Atlantic and Pacific varieties, this very large flatfish (sometimes weighing 300 kg or more) is a popular choice for fish and chips thanks to its mild taste and firm texture.

  • Assists bone and teeth health

  • An excellent source of niacin, vitamins B6 and B12

  • Supports energy metabolism

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